Remains of another Abducted Baloch found Dumped in Kalat

Hafeez Baloch

Pakistani Forces dumped another dead body of a former abducted person in Parood Kalat.  The mutilated body was identified as Hafeez Baloch; who was abducted from Nemargh during State security forces’ search operations on March 14th.

Meanwhile in the Surbandan area of Gwadar, 4 Baloch youth were abducted by Pakistani Forces and taken to an undisclosed location.  The identity of the abductees remains unknown.

Yesterday In the Geebri area of Mashkay, Large numbers of Pakistani Army Forces began a deadly military operation.  State Forces besieged the rural villages for over 14 hours killing 2 people.  Several homes were ransacked and looted, and the women & children were allegedly tortured by State Forces during the attack.  The entire Mashkay area remains completely blockaded by Pakistani Army troops and is totally inaccessible.

Late last night Pakistani Security Forces conducted an operation in the Gwadar area.  6 people were abducted by State Forces during the operations.  The abducted have been identified as Siraj Jam s/o Abdul Wahid, Aslam Jam s/o den Mohmmad, and Amjed s/o Aman.  Pakistani forces allegedly invaded homes, looted valuables and tortured residents in the area.


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