Five People Abducted by Pakistan Army from Math area of Sui

Pak Army Kidnappers 1

Occupational State Forces carried out a heavy military operation in the Math area of Sui today. Two people were killed and at least five people were abducted by Pakistani Army during the operation. The abductees were identified as Usman s/o Peesha Bugti, Lambo s/o Tarati Bugti, Ismael s/o Mawali Bugti, Wahid s/o Ghanra Bugti & Buzdar s/o Balochan Bugti.

Additionally After the operation the bullet riddled bodies of Kohi Bugti & Saindad Bugti were found dumped in the Sui. Both of the victims were abducted by Pakistani Security Forces from RD 238 two days ago.

The dumped body of Qareeb Lala S/o Alam Gul Kakar was found in the Johan Cross area of Kalat on Thursday.

On May 8th in (Nasirabad?) unindentified gunmen abducted Afzal Shah s/o Peeral Shakh and Badal Shah s/o Khan Shah and took them unknown place.

Three people were abducted by Pakistani forces during search operations in the Khuzdar area. Residents in the area including women and children were harassed and subjected to acts of torture.

In the Dera Murad Jamali area four people were abducted by unidentified gunmen.

Four women were abducted by the Pakistan Frontier Corps during military operations in different parts of Nasirabad. They were taken to an undisclosed location and have not been released.

10 people have been reported as abducted by state forces in different areas of Balochistan. Security forces are indiscriminately raiding homes looting valuables and torturing the residents including women and children.

Baloch Salvation Front has announced the commemoration of the May 28th nuclear tests in Balochistan. The BNF Condemns the 28th May nuclear tests because Pakistan tested their nuclear weapons on Baloch people resulting in sicknesses, diseases and pollution.

Baloch National Movement  announced an online awareness campaign on 26,27 and 28 May using #NoToNukesInBalochistan

On the International day of families, Baloch Republican Party will set up a Twitter campaign in solidarity with families, who lost their loved ones while struggling for an independent and sovereign Baloch state and those mothers who awaits their abducted dears bearing tortures in Pakistan Army’s custody. Social media activists are appealed to join the campaign.
H-tag: #‎FreeAbductedBalochs‬
Date: May, 15, 2015.
Time PST: 6pm until 8pm


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