Pakistani Security Forces kill 3 people during a series of Raids in Sindh and Balochistan

iVBMP SFU Canada 1

On May 11th In Jacobad Sakkar Ghotki and Qambar Shadad Kot Police Forces in armored vehicles raided several villages killing three people.  The victims were identified as Mumtaz Ali, Abdul Sattar, and Lateef. Many homes in the area were invaded ransacked and looted of valuables by State Forces.  A number of residents sustained injuries during the assault.

Today in Dashti Bazaar Turbat 20 FC vehicles surrounded the area and raided the home of Hamid Balach Baloch.  Pakistani FC troops unlawfully abducted Hamid Baloch during the assault and took him to an undisclosed location.

BRP announced a Social Media Campaign for International Family Day on May 15th to show solidarity with the Baloch families who lost their loved ones in the struggle for an independent and sovereign Balochistan. Thousands of Baloch families have been torn apart by the hands of the Pakistan Army, ISI and their death squads. BRP urges social media activists, human rights defenders, and participants to help highlight the suffering imposed upon Baloch families by the Pakistani State. Join the campaign using #FreeAbductedBalochs on May 15th from 6pm – 8pm PST.

BNM has announced a Three Day Social Media Campaign on May 26-27-28 to create awareness of the May 28th Nuclear tests in the Chagai mountains of Balochistan. Participants are urged to join the campaign using #NoToNukesInBalochistan

Additionally BSO-Azad has issued a shutter down strike call in all zones for May 28th to protest the terrible diseases and suffering inflicted upon the Baloch children as a result of nuclear radiation from Pakistan’s nuclear tests in Balochistan. The BSO-Azad spokesperson stated that Climate Change and the loss of wildlife, as well as the various kinds of fatal human diseases are spreading in Chagai and surrounding areas. The indigenous people in Chagai are still suffering the severe effects of their radioactive homelands to this day. The BSO-Azad spokesperson urges the entire Baloch nation to join the strike calls, and social media campaigns to expose Pakistan’s vicious war crimes in occupied Balochistan.

Self-Exiled Baloch Patriot and activist leader Hyrbyair Marri has also announced a social media campaign to highlight the testing of nuclear weapons on civilians in Balochistan and urge the international community to take notice of the severe human rights abuses in occupied Balochistan.  Activists, Human Rights Defenders, can participate on Social Media using  #NoToPakistaniNukes

The International Voice for Baloch Missing Persons (IVBMP) coordinator in Canada, Aziz Baloch and Baloch activists in Canada organized an awareness campaign yesterday at the Simon Fraser University in Barnaby, British Columbia, to create awareness of the severe human right violations and the effects of Pakistan’s nuclear tests in occupied Balochistan.  Activists, students and participants distributed literature and displayed images exposing Pakistani human rights violations in Balochistan.


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