Pakistan Army Carry Out Violent Civilian Massacre in Mastung Mashkay and Kalat

BHRO May 20 Protest 1

On Tuesday Pakistani forces attacked a Baloch residential area in Koh-e-Espeet area of Mashkay. Emerging reports indicate two youth were killed and a woman injured. According to details State Forces surrounded the house of the late Rahmat Baloch and indiscriminately opened fire on the area. Most recently two people were killed and several other injured by Pakistani Army during the intense military operations. The victims were identified as 10 year old child Zahmeer Baloch s/o Allah Baksh and another Baloch youth Mehraaj Baloch s/o Rehmat Baloch. Several people sustained serious injuries including women identified as Bibi Noor Malik and numerous others have been abducted including 50 year old Shera s/o Eid Mohammad. State Forces have reportedly looted and burned several houses as well as subjecting residents, including women, children and elderly to severe acts of torture.

Six more mutilated dead bodies were found dumped in the Kalat area yesterday. As of most recent reports the latest recovered bodies have not yet been identified. Several days earlier six dead bodies were found in dumped in Johan Kalat. Five of the six bodies were identified as Sufi Sattar, Shamsullah Baloch, Shera, Dur Khan and his son. All of the victims were reportedly abducted during heavy military operations a day earlier in the Mastung area. According to reports as many as 20 people have been killed, and dozens of people have been abducted during recent military operatios in Kalat, Mastung and Mashkay. Countless homes have been invaded, looted and burned to ashes.

BHRO held a protest at the Karachi Press Club on May 19th to protest the brutal recent killing of 20 innocent Baloch civilians in Mastung and Kalat.

Balochistan Wide Wheel Jam Shutter Down strikes were also held today by BRP and BRSO. Throughout the entire region roads were deserted and shops were closed in protest of the massacre in Kalat and Mastung.

On Monday a member of Balochistan provincial assembly Sardar Kamal Khan Bangulzai of the National Party; said that Pakistan Law Enforcement Agencies were involved in killing innocent people. Sardar Kamal Khan Bangulzai said that “If security agencies didn’t mend their ways, I am afraid they will face more robust resistance from militants in coming days” because near and dear ones of innocent victims were left with no option but to take up arms.”

In London, UK, A large number of Baloch activists and multi-national supporters of Balochistan held demonstrations at the UK prime minister’s residence on Sunday to protest the ongoing human rights violations in occupied Balochistan and demand the removal of Pakistan’s nuclear weapons.

The protest was part of the Baloch International Anti-Nuclear campaign which started on April 19th in Dusseldorf city, Germany. Baloch Pro-Freedom leader Hyrbyair Marri and his likeminded colleagues have announced a campaign to expose the dangers of Pakistan’s nuclear weapons to the world community. Activists and human rights defenders are encouraged to participate through peaceful protest and social media campaign using #NoToPakistaniNukes


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