Pakistani Forces Burning Baloch Homes in Belicha Area of Kech


On June 4th Pakistani Armed Forces carried out a barbaric loot and burn operation in the Belicha area of Kech. Dozens of homes were looted of valuables and burned the ground. Among the houses burned was the home of Dr Asim; the Ex president of BRSO Tump.  At least 5 people were abducted during the attack, and countless residents were harrassed and tortured by State Forces. The abductees were identified as Dr Ismael Baloch, Salman Baloch, Zaffar Baloch, Sultan Baloch and Beebgar Baloch.

Meanwhile a badly burned body was found dumped in the Chitkaan area of Panjgur. The body was burned beyond recognition, and according to medical examiners; the victim had been tortured to death.

A day earlier In the Pasni area; renowned Balochi poet and actor Baloch poet Anwar Sahib Khan Baloch and his son Waseem Anwar Baloch were abducted during a late night raid on their home on June 3rd. Loved ones and activists have expressed serious concern for the well being of Waja Anwar Sahib Khan Baloch, who is described as a 70 year old elder with a serious heart condition.

On June 2nd in the Chaman region of Balochistan; State Forces abducted Kolmir Bugti and Imtiaz Bugti. According to BRP Media Cell central spokesperson Sher Mohammad Bugti; Imtiaz Hussain s/o Kunari Bugti was the brother of BRP Switzerland member Azizullah Bugti and Kolmir Bugti was Azizullah’s uncle. The spokesman added that father and another brother of Azizullah Bugti were previously abducted, killed and dumped by Pakistan; and that in numerous other incidents BRP members and relatives of BRP members have been attacked, abducted, killed and dumped.

On June 1st the mutilated bodies of Salim Umeth, Nadil Raheem Baksh & Saddam Gafoor Baloch were found dumped in the Panjgur region. According to reports all three were previously abducted. Salim Baloch was abducted on September 23rd of 2014 while travelling from Chitkan Panjgur; while Sadam, Nadil were abducted a day prior to the attack while travelling from Parom to Panjgur.

75 students were arrested on June 5th by security forces during a peaceful protest at the Bolan Medical College in Quetta. Students at the college are protesting against the school principal’s refusal to commence the semester’s classes. It’s been reported that the arrested students were later released. A few days earlier Security Forces had arrested and detained 30 students for peacefully protesting the unjust delays to their studies. Baloch Students Action Committee protested the unlawful detention of their fellow students, and after several hours the arrested students were released. According the BSAC, the school principal and authorities have directly threatened them; ordering them to cease all demonstrations against the principal. The BSAC has officially condemned the violent crackdowns on peaceful student protestors and are urging the regional authorities to immediately fire the BMC Principal Dr. Saadat Khan Barozai.

BSO-Azad has announced a social media campaign using #SaveZakirMajeed to urge Pakistani authorities to release student leader Zakir Majeed, and create awareness among the international community and general public about the abduction of Baloch teachers, students, leaders, and activists. Former BSO-Azad Vice-Chairman Zakir Majeed has been missing since 2009 when he was abducted by Pakistani Security agents in from a marketplace in Mastung. The twitter campaign will be held on June 8th from 4pm-8pm Balochistan time; Human Rights Defenders, Activists, and Participants are urged to join using #SaveZakirMajeed


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