Activists and Students Urge UK Govt to Reconsider Deportation of Majid Baloch


Earlier today the Central Spokesperson of the Baloch Republican Students Organization Hamden Baloch; issued a statement condemning the recent decision by the UK government to deny asylum to Baloch refugee and president of the BRSO UK Chapter Majid Baloch. The spokesperson requested the British Government reconsider their decision to deport Majid Baloch becaues he will be killed and dumped if he is deported to Pakistan.

Majid Baloch fled to the UK after the enforced abduction of his innocent brother by Pakistani security forces. Since then his former home has been raided by Pakistani authorities and his unarmed uncle & cousin were shot. Majid’s family has faced continual persecution at the hands of Pakistani Security Forces.

Baloch activists and Students held protests at the UK Home Office in Glasgow, Scotland; to urge the UK government to reconsider Majid’s application for asylum and highlight the serious threat to his life if he is deported to Pakistan.

Social Media activists and Human Rights defenders are encouraged to tweet using

On June 6th 20 Baloch Women and Children were abducted by Pakistani Security Forces for protesting the recent abduction of their loved ones; during military operations in the Lanju Seghari area of Dera Bugti, a day earlier. According to BRP Media Cell; State Forces blockaded all roads from Punjab and Sindh into Dera Bugti, then attacked the peaceful demonstrators, torturing and abducting the women children and elderly. As of last reports the abducted civilians were taken to an undisclosed location and have not been heard from since.

Meanwhile reports have surfaced indicating an armada of gunship helicopters heavily bombarded villages in the Johan, Isplingi and Narmuk areas of Kalat on June 6th. According to details; at least 50 innocent Baloch civilians have been abducted during the operation.

Additionally five dumped mutilated bodies have been discovered in the Besima and Mastung areas. The identities of the recovered remains has yet to be released.


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