Balochistan Wide Shutter Down Strikes held to Protest Enforced Abduction of Student Leader Zakir Majeed


Six years ago today, Pakistani Intelligence Agents apprehended and abducted the former Baloch Students Organization – Azad, Vice-Chairman Zakir Majeed from Mastung. The passionate and dedicated Student Leader had not committed any crime or participated in any illegal activities; but was nevertheless dragged away in unmarked vehicles to an undisclosed location where he remains imprisoned to this day. Zakir Majeed’s only crime was promoting education and organization among the Baloch youth, and raising his voice against the occupation of his beloved homeland. Since his abduction; for the past six years, Banuk Farzana Majeed has campaigned for his safe release. The heartbroken Sister of the Baloch nation bravely walked over 2,000km with the Voice of Baloch Missing Persons Long March from Quetta to Islamabad via Karachi; to protest the unlawful abduction and imprisonment of Zakir Majeed and the thousands of other Baloch Brothers, Sisters, Fathers, Mothers, Elders and Children who share his fate.


Today Shutter Down Wheel Jam strikes were held in all regions throughout Balochistan. All over Balochistan business & shops were closed, streets were deserted, and transport was suspended in observance of the BSO-Azad strike call to commemorate the enforced disappearance & six years of imprisonment of former BSO-Azad Vice-Chairman Zakir Majeed. References were also held in all Zones.

In addition to the highly successful strike calls; BSO-Azad also held a protest rally in Karachi to demand the safe release of Zakir Majeed and urge the international community to take notice of the enforced disappearances of Baloch teachers, students, student leaders, activists and every day people.

BSO-Azad also conducted a highly successful social media campaign to generate international awareness of the enforced abduction of Baloch Student Leaders. Baloch Activists, Human Rights Defenders and participants from around the world circulated powerful images and touching messages trending the hashtag #SaveZakirMajeed .

Canadian Baloch Activists Shawn Forbes Expressing Solidarity with Zakir Majeed

Canadian Baloch Activist & BTVO Journalist Shawn Forbes Expressing Solidarity with campaigns to Release Zakir Majeed


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