Pakistan Security Forces Mass Abducted Hundreds of Baloch Civilians in Quetta



At least 240 Baloch civilians were abducted today from Mehmood Abad Quetta by Pakistani Security Forces during a massive military operation in the area. The abducted civilians were not charged with any crimes and were taken away to an undisclosed location.

Meanwhile in the Kohlu areas of Balochistan, at least 9 gunship helicopters and huge deployments of troops have converged in the region. According to emerging reports the Pakistani ground and air forces are engaged in heavy bombardment of civilian areas. Roads network phone and electricity to the entire Kohlu region has since been completely cut off.


#BRPCampaignInEU – Baloch Republican Party UK Chapter held a conference and began protest demonstrations in front of the British Parliament in London UK to demand an immediate halt to Pakistan Armed Forces military operations, human rights abuses and war crimes in occupied Balochistan. Additional BRP UK Chapter Protests are continuing to be held on June 15th.

Today’s events in the UK are the first in a series of Baloch Republican Party hosted conferences and protests currently underway in European Countries.


The next event will be a conference held by BRP – Germany Chapter on June 20th at the Le Meridien Park Hotel in Frankfurt Germany from 16:00 until 18:00. The conference will feature a number of guest speakers including BRP UK Chapter President Mansoor Baloch, BRP President Brahmdagh Bugti speaking via skype, Mr Mashal Khan Takkar a politician Journalist and founder of the Great Afghan Movement, Mr Bakir The president of KIFA International and a human rights defender, Mr Tobias Huch member of FDP and a human rights defender and Mrs Claudia Heidelberg, a German author & writer.

Another event will be held by the Baloch Republican Party Switzerland Chapter on June 25th/26th 2015.  In addition to the events and protests, Baloch Republican Party is urging social media activists and human rights defenders to tweet using #BRPCampaignInEU to create awareness of the military campaigns and #HRAbusesInBalochistan


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